The Red Covered Bridge Amateur Radio Club operates a 2 meter repeater on 146.955 Mhz. Any  licensed amateur radio operator in good standing with the FCC is welcomed to use it. If you live in the coverage area and use the repeater frequently, please consider joining the club - repeater maintenance is solely funder by club dues.

Repeater Status: ON-AIR Primary Unit On-Air

Echolink: Node 681139 W9ZHB-R

146.955 Mhz (-600 Khz, 103.5 PL)


Our repeater is a Motorola MSR-2000 with an output of 75 watts. A 103.5 PL is provided on both the transmit and receive frequencies. The antenna, which is mounted 175' AGL, is seen on the left side of the tower in the picture to the left. Echolink capabilites were added to the repeater in early 2013. The repeater site is located southwest of the intersection of US Route 6 and Interstate 180 near Princeton, IL. Tower space for the repeater is generously provided by Steve Samet, K9TSV, owner and general manager of WZOE radio in Princeton. Other users located at the site include Princeton High School and the City of Princeton's Department of Public Works.


Also housed at the site is our backup 2 meter repeater; a 15 watt Motorola DeskTrac. It can be deployed rapidly and seamlessly to keep us on the air while the main repeater is out of service. The was our original repeater, and it continues to provide reliable communications when needed.


Nets held on the 146.955 Repeater

RCBARC Monday Night net - Monday nights at 8pm

Illinois Valley Radio Association - Thursday nights, 8pm

Bureau County EMA Severe Weather Net - As Need

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